Principal Investigator

Prof. Raquel Peixoto

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Research Interest: Microbial Ecology, Environmental Microbiology, Marine Probiotics, Beneficial Microorganisms for Corals (BMCs), Resilience, Coral Restoration, Global Change, Microbiology

Research Scientists

Dr. Helena Villela

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Microbial Ecology, Coral Microbiology, Marine Probiotics, Marine Symbiosis, Chemosynthesis, Applied Microbiology

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Erika Santoro

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Marine Microbiology, Marine Microbial Ecology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Marine Probiotics, Biorremediation, Host-microbiome interactions

Dr. Eslam Osman

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Corals Resilience, Microbial Ecology, Functional Microbiome, Corals Ecology

Ph.D. Students

Adam Barno

Ph.D. Student

Research Interest: Marine Microbial Ecology, Coral Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Marine Probiotics, Epigenetics

Nathalia Delgadillo

Ph.D. Student

Research Interest: Microbial communities, Deep-sea ecology, Biotechnology, Bioremediation

Inês Goncalves Raimundo

Ph.D. Student

Research Interest: Marine Metagenomics, Marine Microbial Ecology, Microbial Cultivation, Functional and comparative genomics, Blue Biotechnology

Master's Students

Ali Alabyadh

Master's Student

Research Interest: Carbonate Sedimentology, Petrography, Red Sea, Coral reefs, Marine Ecology

Giovanna Sabini-Leite

Master's Student

Research Interest: Coral Microbiology, Coral ecology, Marine microbes, Beneficial Microorganisms for Corals (BMCs), Symbiont transmission, Evolution, Resilience, Climate Change

Laura Beenham

Master's Student

Research Interest: Microbiology, Coral ecology, Coral resilience, Marine Microbial Ecology, Functional Microbiome, Marine biology, Marine Probiotics, Beneficial Microorganisms for Corals (BMC's)

Pedro Moreira Cardoso

Master's Student

Research Interest: Conservation Biology, Microbial Ecology, Molecular Biology, Marine Ecology, Coral Physiology

Ahmed Alsaggaf

Master's Student

Research Interest: Applied Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Corals, Beneficial Microorganisms for Corals (BMCs), Marine microbes, Red Sea

Research Group Staff

Reham Alansari

Laboratory Technician

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Marine environment protection

Dr. Neus Garcias-Bonet

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Host-associated Microbiomes, Blue Carbon Ecosystems, Climate Change, Biogeochemistry


Vivian Bonacker

VSRP Student

Livia Hott

VSRP Student

Morgan Bennett-Smith

Underwater Media and Communications Specialist