Vivian Bonacker

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VSRP Student

Research Interests

I am researching nitrogen cycling in different Red Sea coral holobionts. I am looking especially at the relative importance of denitrification in regard to nitrogen fixation and environmental available nitrogen. I am especially interested in connecting nitrogen fixation and denitrification rates with gene abundance of diazotrophs and denitrifiers to understand their activity and what it is influenced by. For this, I am looking to use physiological and as well as molecular methods. This research aims to provide a better understanding of nitrogen cycling in corals which can hopefully help conservation and restoration efforts.


  • Bachelor student, University of Bremen, 2019-Present

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, September 2018

Research Interests Keywords

Coral ecology Applied Microbiology Molecular Biology Coral Physiology Coral Restoration