Claudia E. L. Hill

Past members

PhD (visiting) student

Research Interests

My research currently centres around the coral microbiome, with a specific focus on nitrogen-cycling bacteria. I am interested in how these microbes behave under a stable state symbiosis and in response to seasonal and anthropogenic environmental change. I pay particular attention to the pathway of denitrification, which presently is an under-investigated area of research in hard coral holobionts. For my work, I draw from a combination of microbial ecology, coral physiology and biogeochemistry.

Selected Publications

  • Hill, C.E.L. A centuries-old manmade reef in the Caribbean does not substitute natural reefs in terms of species assemblages and interspecific competition.Lymperaki, M. M., & Hoeksema, B. W.Marine Pollution Bulletin169, 112576 (2021)
  • How Does Ocean Acidification Affect the Early Life History of Zostera marina? A Series of Experiments Find Parental Carryover Can Benefit Viability or Germination. Lowell, A., Infantes, E., West, L., Puishys, L., Hill, C.E.L, Ramesh, K., Peterson, B., Cebrian, J., Dupont, S. & Cox, T.E. Frontiers in Marine Science, 1944 (2021)

  • The effects of wave exposure and host cover on coral-associated fauna of a centuries-old artificial reef in the Caribbean. Lymperaki, M. M., Hill, C.E.L., & Hoeksema, B. W. Ecological Engineering176, 106536 (2022)


  • (2015-2018) BSc Marine Biology- University of Liverpool (UK)

  • (2017) Semester abroad- University of Western Australia (Australia)

  • (2018-2020) MSc Marine Biology – University of Groningen (Netherlands)

  • (2021- present) PhD Student – University of Bremen (Germany)

Professional Profile

ICRS chair assistant 2021


Young Volunteer Mayor's Award (UK)

KAUST Affiliations

Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)

Non-KAUST Affiliations

University of Bremen (Germany)