Fluvio Modolon da Silva

Past members

PhD (visiting) student

Research Interests

Studying coral-associated microbiomes, Fluvio is focusing on understanding molecular mechanisms that drive host-microbe interactions. Coupling improved microbial cultivation approaches with bioinformatic tools to investigate genomic signatures and microbial networks that drive symbiotic relationships.


Selected Publications

  • Schultz, J., Modolon, F., Rosado, A. S., Voolstra, C. R., Sweet, M., & Peixoto, R. S. (2022). Methods and Strategies to Uncover Coral-Associated Microbial Dark Matter. Msystems7(4), e00367-22.
  • Modolon, F., Barno, A. R., Villela, H. D. M., & Peixoto, R. S. (2020). Ecological and biotechnological importance of secondary metabolites produced by coral‐associated bacteria. Journal of Applied Microbiology129(6), 1441-1457.


  • Biological Sciences - State University of Midwest, (2013 - 2017)
  • MSc in Microbiology - State University of Londrina, (2017- 2019)
  • PhD in Sciences (Microbiology) - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, (2019 - present)

KAUST Affiliations

Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)

Non-KAUST Affiliations

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Research Interests Keywords

Microbial Ecology Coral reefs Deep-Water Coral Genomics Microbial Cultivation