RSRC Coral Probiotics Village (CPV)

The “RSRC Coral Probiotics Village” (CPV) is a permanent natural laboratory designed and established for the development of coral-reef related research. The main goals are the development of: (i), long-term surveys that can improve our knowledge on different aspects of reef ecology, diversity, and dynamics, and (ii), pilot evaluation of innovative solutions that can potentially accelerate the adaptation of the coral holobiont to stress and, consequently, increase coral reef resilience and tolerance to impacts. The CPV is one of the results of a project funded by KAUST’s VPR office, through the Red Sea Research Center Competitive Funding (CCF) for coral probiotics (lead by Peixoto (PI) and co-PIs/researchers Berumen, Benzoni, Aranda, Carvalho, and Villela). In addition, many other PIs have been developing parallel research projects at this natural laboratory (e.g., Salama, Hausser, Jones, Saderne).