The Red Sea Research Center Microbial Biovault

This project aims to create a biobank of different marine microorganisms with the potential to be used as mitigators of environmental stress, aquaculture probiotics, agents for environmental restoration and rehabilitation, promoters of urban and human health, and producers of antibiotics, among others. This treasured biobank will be a large repository of characterized microorganisms collected from different marine environments of the Red Sea, an underexplored and very important source of microbial diversity. The genomes of the stored microbes and metadata about their origin and physiology will also be characterized to generate an advanced and informative in silico database of microbial genes and functions of relevance to particular applications. The RSRC Microbial Biovault goals are aligned with the international Beneficial Microbes for Marine Organisms (BMMO) Network, an established international consortium of researchers co-chaired by Dr. Raquel Peixoto. This project is also part of a broader initiative, in collaboration with other RSRC faculty, “The Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) Biovault”.